Denison Caterpillar plant lays off 17 workers

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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- A major Texoma employer laid off several workers Wednesday morning

"As soon as I walked in the door they more or less told me, 'hey they're laying off 17 people'. Well that automatically told me that I was one of them."

This employee, who doesn't want to be identified says he got the news at 9 o'clock Wednesday morning.

This comes just five months after Caterpillar eliminated 40 jobs from the Denison plant.

"Had a meeting with our supervisor and he told us he was more or less laying off 17 people because of the economic times."

Last September, the heavy machinery maker announced that 8 percent of the company's workforce could be laid off over the next three years.

That's about 5,000 employees nationwide that will be laid off through 2018.

When asked about about the layoffs, Caterpillar, gave us this statement.

"These actions are a result of the Van Alstyne warehouse consolidation and lower product demand. Caterpillar recognizes that this news is hard for its talented and dedicated employees, but is necessary in the current environment."

Back in May, Caterpillar laid off 20 employees at the Van Alstyne warehouse and moved the rest to the Denison facility after a drop in demand for mining products.

"I don't have any hard feelings toward the company. I mean they're just doing what they gotta do"

The layoffs at the Denison location are expected to take effect on Dec. 9.

But most of the employees chose to use their paid vacation time until then.

This employee says he's already started planning his next move.

"You know right here close to Christmas its kind of hard to plan anything. I mean because a lot of companies don't want to hire right before Christmas. So I guess my plan is after the first of January to go find a job."

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