Grayson County Confederate monument flap resurfaces in wake of Charlottesville

This is a statue dedicated to the Confederacy which was placed on the Grayson County Courthouse lawn in 1896.
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- Grayson County residents discuss the fate of the Confederate monument, that sits outside the Grayson County Courthouse.

The Confederate monument was erected in 1896 on the courthouse lawn. Historians claim it was the first confederate monument in Texas to be placed on courthouse grounds.

Some residents want it taken down because it represents racism. Others say removing the statue would dishonor the soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

"I think that there is no place for confederate monuments like this one at the courthouse in Sherman in the 21st century," Randi Tanglen said.

Tanglen said keeping the monument here makes the community less welcoming. "The deep legacy of racism, white supremacy, slavery in this country, they are e a disgrace," she said.

Linda Miller said she does not agree.

"I know there are people that want to take down statues and they feel strongly, but there are people who feel just as strongly that they shouldn't," Miller said.

Miller said removing the statue would dishonor the soldiers who fought in the Civil War. "Trying to take down monuments is not going to change history," She said. "You can't change it and if you're not careful, it will be repeated."

Grayson County Judge Bill Magers said there are no plans to remove the statue.

Said Tanglen: "They are part of a history that we don't want to repeat. They don't need to be celebrated in the public square."

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