Howe PD's new K-9 breaking stereotypes, sends three to jail

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HOWE, Tex. (KXII) -- Meet Loki. A Jack Russell Fox Terrier mix and shelter rescue.

Around 9 years old and just 17 pounds, he's not your typical police K-9.

"When people see him get out of the car, they don't take him seriously. Until he does what he does," said Sgt. Keith Milks, with Howe Police.

But when it comes to Loki, big things come in small packages.

With just one month on the job, he's already put three people behind bars.

On Sunday, Sgt. Milks stopped a car along Highway 75 in Howe.

"We made a traffic stop on a vehicle," said Milks. "He detected the odor of narcotics and we recovered three guns and made three arrests including one felony arrest."

Besides guns, 15 grams of marijuana were also seized. Kemond Taylor, TC Jeffrey and Jordan Thomas were arrested.

Sgt. Milks says they hope Loki becomes an example that any rescue can be trained to be a hero.

"A police K-9 doesn't have to be an imported dog from Europe costing $12-$15,000.," Milks said. "Any dog can do the job as long as its trained properly, has the right drive and determination."

Loki was donated to the Howe Police Department by a non-profit aimed at saving dogs and helping law enforcement.

"K-9 Loki is at no cost to the tax payers at all. He was provided by Universal K-9 and our training was handled by my G.I. bill."

Sgt. Milks says Loki's enthusiasm instantly caught his attention when he first visited him at a San Antonio rescue. And his motivation to do the job continues to show.

"When he sees those uniforms come on, he's into work mode and he knows we're about to go out and we're going to try to catch the bad guys."

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