Van Alstyne mayor resigns, council accepts

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VAN ALSTYNE, Tex. (KXII) -- Van Alstyne's mayor stepped down Tuesday after more than a year and a half in the position.

Mayor Larry Cooper submitted his letter of resignation Friday, it was approved by council on Tuesday night.

Cooper said after complaints were made against him by council, he didn't want to add to any controversy in his city.

Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem Teddie Ann Salmon will now fill his seat.

"Well it was just a good time," said former Van Alstyne Mayor, Larry Cooper when explaining why he resigned.

"I'm sad from the Mayor's resignation. I think that Mr. Cooper has done a wonderful job through these years," said Van Alstyne resident, Debe Wyatt.

In January, council made a complaint to the Texas Ethics Commission and Grayson County District Attorney, Joe Brown, after they claim Cooper sent out a newsletter they believed used city resources to endorse a council member up for reelection.

Cooper told us Monday that "things are resolved with the DA's office," but the ethics commission complaint is still pending.

"The town has enough drama and if I'm contributing to that, then I shouldn't do that," Cooper said. "They'll be fine without me."

Residents have also complained about the city's plan to purchase the land between the current City Hall and the Public Works building, which was formerly a lumber yard.

The asking price is $175,000, but council voted to pay up to $200,000.

While he says there have been sharp divisions within his city, Cooper says he enjoyed being mayor.

"Rewarding at times. A little frustrating at times. But all in all, a good experience. I love Van Asltyne," Cooper said.

This is the second resignation for Van Alstyne in the past few months.
In October, former City Manager, Frank Baker, resigned but gave no reason why.

Council is still in the interviewing process to fill that position.

"We all should be able to get along and work things out like adults and the bickering needs to stop," Wyatt said.

Van Alstyne elections for mayor, city council and school board positions will be held in May.

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