$48.6 million school bond on Tuesday's ballot in Durant

Published: Sep. 6, 2019 at 5:37 PM CDT
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Durant ISD has plans to use land behind the high school for their new elementary school if the $48 million bond passes on Tuesday's election, but voters around town are split on the decision.

"I'd vote no 100%. There's no reason for higher taxes," said Jason Abramson.

"I'd vote yes because we need better schools because our community's growing, and we need to make sure our kids have their education," said Frankie Chalk.

Durant ISD superintendent Duane Merideth says their research shows the district will grow by 700 students over the next decade.

"We've seen the growth coming, we've done some things to prepare for that from the standpoint of maximizing the facilities that we have. So we wanted to do everything we can before we got to this point to manage the growth until we were at the point where we had to do this," said Merideth.

If passed, the school district says the construction would begin in the spring of 2020, and the new school would be ready by the 2021-2022 school year.

The bond would increase property tax in Durant by five percent, and would go into effect in December 2020.

"What that means in dollars and cents is this, if you paid a thousand dollars in property taxes last year, if we're successful here, that would go up to a $1050," said Merideth.

The bond is broken into two propositions, prop one is $46.1 million for the new school, as well as buying new equipment and remodeling of other schools in the district.

The second prop is $2.5 million, and will be used to purchase transportation equipment.

"We're already paying taxes as it is man, I couldn't even afford to get a house right now, I wouldn't do it," said Abramson.

"We do need that new (elementary school) because there's more kids coming in here all the time. I'll get out and vote yes," said Chalk.

Early voting was held Thursday and Friday, but you still have time to vote on Tuesday.