UCSO students rappel down bank in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, Okla. - (KXII) People in Ardmore got the chance to rappel from a bank Saturday and it was all for the University Center of Southern Oklahoma.

Peggy Maher, the University Center of Southern Oklahoma president gets strapped as she prepares to go down the First Bank and Trust building in Ardmore.

With the help of over the edge, a company who helps nonprofits across the country and gives them a unique fundraising opportunity to urban rappel cities across the United States.

Peggy Maher, president of the University Center said they are raising money to expand their buildings and programs, but said the event will be their largest contributor

"Most of the money comes from the student – part of the tuition the student tuition. We're raising money so we don't have to charge the students," said Maher.

Charla McMillin and Lezlie Hacker, UC nursing students said they would gladly do it again.

"It was very extensive training, I felt like. They were really prepare and went over every detail, every safety device to make it more calming,” said Charla McMillin.

Going down the building was open to anyone, but every participant had to raise $1,000 before the get to rappel from the building.

"It's not just the rappel, we're also rappelling form a building that won't normally allow you to rappel off of and we're doing it off of Main St. too,” said Maher.

With 24 people getting to experience a priceless summer memory, they helped hit the University Center’s goal of $30,000.