53 dogs seized from puppy mill, one dog will need leg amputated

Published: Jun. 5, 2019 at 12:08 AM CDT
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About a week ago on Friday, May 24, the Cooke County Sheriff's Office went to a home on the 800 block of West Lone Oak Road and County Road 248 in Cooke County.

Cooke County Sheriff Terry Gilbert tells News 12 that this is one of the worst cases of cruelty at a puppy mill he has ever seen.

After getting a tip that these dogs from a home had health issues, the Cooke County Sheriff's Office and The Humane Society of North Texas stepped in.

53 small breed dogs were seized, all living in inhumane conditions.

"It was found over in the Valley View area, Shih-Tzus, some Yorkies and some puppies...lots of dogs," said Nichole Pembroke, a manager at Noah's Ark animal shelter who heard about what had happened.

"People just struggle to figure out what to do, things get out of control then they don't know what to do to get help," said Kelley Crawford.

Kelley Crawford fosters dogs from Noah's Ark Animal Shelter in Gainesville and says these cases of animal neglect aren't uncommon.

"Whether it's a breeding situation and they start out thinking they'll be able to afford to do it, and maybe make some money off of it...most of the time that is not the case," said Crawford.

The Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth have custody of the dogs.

Feces was found scattered around the house. A spokesperson says that another dog needs to have its broken leg amputated. That dog just gave birth and the Humane Society spokesperson says it looks like it's leg was held together only by flesh for years.

A blind dog was found outside, and some other dogs have reproductive cancer.

"People for different reasons I guess hoard dogs, would be a good word," said Crawford.

Sheriff Gilbert says that no arrests have been made and the investigation remains ongoing.