69-year-old plans to celebrate 70th birthday by completing 7 million sit-ups

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) -- A local 69-year-old man is pushing boundaries by trying to do his 7 millionth sit-up by the time he's 70.

"Bring your body up, get your shoulders off the ground, touch your knees," said 69- year-old Ted Gambordella as he does sit-ups.

But don't let his age fool you.

He's a 10th degree black belt in martial arts and every day he sets 15 minutes aside to do hundreds of sit-ups.

"I've been doing sit-ups every day of my life for the past 50 years. A lot of time I'll do this while I'm watching TV. If you just did sit-ups during the half time of a football game, you could do 600 sit-ups.

And he says that's exactly what he does. Sit ups on the ground and sit ups in a chair.

"When I turn 70 I will have done my 7 millionth sit-up. That's about 6 million and 900 thousand more than people do in their lifetime."

"For years and years and years he's just been a legend in the martial arts in this community and especially in Texas," said friend, Rick Arnold.

Gambordella says he began counting his sit-ups when he was 15 years old and had just started martial arts.

"I would average doing about 5 to 10 minutes a day of sit-ups and it only takes me a second to do a sit-ups so I figured it out, by the time I turned 60 I had done 5 million."

So he increased the amount of sit-ups he did a day to 600.

"It doesn't take but a little half a second to do one of those."

Now he hopes to inspire others with his workout routine.

"I always get the comment when I'm in the health club, 'I hope I look like you when I'm 70.' "

To find out how you can stay fit: Gambordella has written 42 books on ways to stay fit. He even has a website where he offers those books on health, fitness and motivation.

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