7 foot fish caught on Lake Texoma

Published: Feb. 28, 2017 at 6:31 PM CST
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A big catch on a local lake is getting a lot of attention.

The 7 foot, 200 pound alligator gar was caught during a striper tour out of Sparky's Guide Service on Lake Texoma Saturday.

David Escamilla led the tour who caught the beast.

“Which took nearly an hour to land, five handoffs,” Escamilla said.

Escamilla said though Saturday’s catch was big, he’s seen some even bigger.

“A lot of times you’re not able to catch them due to the fact that they’re so big,” Escamilla said. “And we’re not truly fishing for them.”

Matt Mauck with the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation said alligator gar are the state’s largest fish species.

“The state record alligator gar was a little over 8 foot and 254 pounds,” Mauck said.

Saturday’s catch was set free.

Mauck said people are allowed to harvest one alligator gar a day, except during the month of May when the rare fish are spawning in a certain part of the lake.

Mauck asks anyone who decides to take one home to call them at 580-924- 4087 and provide them with the fish’s length and weight.

Despite the teeth, Mauck said they are not an aggressive fish and they try to keep away from people.

News12 caught up with a couple fishermen at the Willow Springs Marina on Tuesday, who told us they wouldn’t try to take one on.

“I probably wouldn’t be able to reel it in,” Gabriel Wiley said. “I would probably fall in.”

“I feel like you better get out your knife and cut it loose,” Nolan Wiley said. “You better cut that line.”

And for anyone who wants to try to reel in a big gar, Escamilla recommends you hold on tight.