7-year-old Marshall County boy recovering from copperhead snake bite

MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) - It was a scary few hours for one mother in Marshall County when her 7-year-old son was bitten on the foot by a baby copperhead snake Wednesday afternoon.

Colbye Devin said her son, Noah, should be free to come home from the hospital in the next day or two after being bitten by a baby copperhead snake.

Colbye Devin said she and her family were cleaning up their yard outside at their home northwest of Madill. She had just walked in their house to take a break when she heard her son, Noah Ball, yell.

"And I guess the second that we disappeared out of his sight, that snake slithered out and got him," Devin said. "That's like my worst first fear. (I'm) deathly scared of snakes but, for that to happen to my own son, I was horrified."

Devin said she called 911 and her son was taken to a hospital in Ardmore and then transferred to Oklahoma City.

He has received three doses of anti-venom as well as pain medicine and is feeling better.

"For a seven-year-old, he's acting so much braver than I probably would have if it had happened to me," Devin said.

Dash Stanley, Marshall County EMS director, said they get a couple calls of snake bites a year.

If bitten by a snake, the best thing to do is to not move the part of the body bitten and stay calm.

"Sometimes people panic," Stanley said. "They'll get in their cars and drive a hundred miles an hour trying to get somewhere. It's not that type of situation."

Stanley said copperheads are not as venomous as rattlesnakes and deaths from any snake bites are rare.

Devin said she will be more cautious in the future and warns other parents to be on the lookout this spring and summer.

"Just take your precautions," Devin said. "Please be aware. Watch your surroundings."

Devin said her son should be free to come home from the hospital in the next day or two.