72 year-old woman convicted of dealing drugs, sentenced

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Tex. (KXII) -- Mrs. Little is a long time drug dealer here in Grayson county," said Grayson County Assistant District Attorney Britton Brooks.

Brooks told us 72 year-old Ava Little is a big time dealer.

"Drug dealers come in all shapes and sizes," Brooks said.

Brooks said her criminal record dates back to the 80's, but the latest online records show she was arrested for possession of meth in October 2016 and she pleaded guilty to the charge two months later.

"Because of her age we gave her ten years of probation hoping she would stop using and selling meth," Brooks said.

But she didn't.

"We had an undercover sting and we went into her house and she had a large amount of methamphetamine separated into little baggies in her pocket," Brooks said.

That sting in September took place at this home off Texas and Scullin in Denison. Investigators said they found about 14 grams of meth on Little and found even more baggies containing meth in her bedroom.

"Thanks to the hard work of our police department we're able to catch another one and get one off the street," Brooks said.

Neighbors we spoke with didn't want to comment on camera, but tell us they've seen police at Little's home several times before.

Little pleaded guilty possession of meth with the intent to distribute on Thursday and was sentenced to eight years behind bars.

"It's a shame that somebody so advanced in age would sell drugs to our kids on our streets," Brooks said.

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