Sherman woman celebrates 99th birthday with 99 roses

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SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) On Thursday Rose Simonian celebrated her 99th birthday alongside family, friends, and 99 roses --- a donation by Albertson's which had been arranged by a beloved aide.

Rose is the second oldest of 8 children, and spent most of her life in Denver until she moved to Sherman a couple decades ago.

Earlier in life, one of Rose's favorite things to do in her free time was go to "honky tonks" to dance the waltz and the jitterbug. Since she's moved to Sherman, she spends a lot of time with friends at Trinity Lutheran Church.

Among all the things she has done in her life, family has always been the most important.

Her niece Rhonda planned the party. Growing up, she always viewed Rose as the "Fun Aunt".

Though she didn't have any children of her own, Rose has always valued family.

Perhaps the most memorable piece of the party was a surprise visit from family members coming all the way from Colorado to celebrate.

Jake Simonian came from Denver to see his sister. He says he has always looked up to Rose, and was happy he could make the trip.

"She did a lot of help during my growing up time, so she's a lot of help to me. And I appreciated that. I just love her to death," says Jake.

Rose was overjoyed to see so many loved ones on this important day. Her secret for living a long, happy life?

"I'm 99 years old today, and God's been good to me. And I'm happy, and I thank God for everything," says Rose.