A walk across the stage, a triumph over Autism

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 11:23 PM CDT
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At his senior assembly, Alex Reed's father talks about an accomplishment that took a village.

"It's been lifelong," said James Reed.

For Alex, graduation is an exciting day.

"I'm feeling good," he said.

For his father, who watched his autistic son grow through -- and beyond -- his challenges, "it's going to be tears."

For Whitesboro, Alex' success is an investment for everyone.

"The whole town stands behind him. Anything he does they'll follow. So he'll never be by himself," said Blake Jack, Alex' friend.

He's coming off a banner year, winning homecoming king, two gold medals in the Special Olympics and walking across the stage and into a job with his dad.

"He's got a good home life and he has so many friends and family that back him 100%," said Jack.

Alex is learning to powder coat race cars with his dad, a career that's a product of his family's passion for racing.

"Alex is a workforce man. He's going to work for the family business," said James.

"My dad is working with me in the shop," said Alex.

It's a dream for his father to have a pastime he can pass down to his son.

"It's been my lifelong dream to have my own business for him," said James.

And a source of happiness for Alex, who gives that joy to everyone else daily.

"Joyful. He cares about everyone. He' snot going to leave you out. He'll do his best to make you happy," said Jack.

"He has no flaws. He's perfect," said James.

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