ACS Manufacturing looking for 60 to 80 new employees

Published: Feb. 17, 2017 at 3:31 PM CST
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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- Hope is on the way for people recently laid off at Caterpillar and other businesses in Grayson County. One local manufacturer is adding millions of dollars to their pay roll and they're hiring dozens a week.

ACS Manufacturing in Denison has already hired 20 new employees just this past week, and they plan to hire 60 to 80 more.

It's growth that's an answer to prayer for one local woman.

"Caterpillar was reducing employees and I was one that got laid off, unfortunately," Christina Aubrey said.

After 14 years at Caterpillar, Christina Aubrey was one of nearly 60 that were laid off in the past year. When she saw ACS Manufacturing was hiring designers like herself, she was overcome with relief.

"I'm just glad that I didn't have to go the Dallas way or the Oklahoma way, it's like ACS was in my back yard," Aubrey said, who now works at ACS Manufacturing.

"Business is booming and we now have 340 employees. That has almost tripled in the last 24 months," ACS Manufacturing HR Director Andrea Mory said. "With rolling layoffs at Caterpillar, we've taken on quite a few people from the Caterpillar family."

ACS Manufacturing is a design build manufacturer of steel enclosures for power generators, trailers, fuel tanks and many other custom products, mainly used for businesses that cannot be without power, like hospitals and data centers.

"So there's an increasing need to store more data and build more centers, that obviously comes with the need to keep that electricity flowing," Mory said.

They're looking to hire 60 to 80 new employees. That includes welders, production technicians, electrical technicians and maintenance mechanics and assemblers. They hope to fill a complete night shift.

"We'll bring in as many people as we can safely reasonably hire in a weeks time," Mory said.

John Fogarty recently lost his job in Sherman as a welder. He was hired at ACS Manufacturing three weeks ago.

"I'd say if you're looking for a job, it's definitely worth it, it's a wonderful place to be, there's some wonderful people out here," Fogarty said.

"Absolutely, bring those applications if you're looking for a job," Mory said.

ACS Manufacturing said they pay 11 to 23 dollars an hour, with an opportunity for a raise after 90 days and full benefits.

They are accepting applications right now. To apply, go to the related link for the ACS Manufacturing website or go to Workforce Solutions in Denison.