Ardmore City Schools purchase 10 new school buses

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - Ardmore City Schools will have 10 new school buses this year, all equipped with air conditioning and new safety features.

"We got rid of a lot of older buses 1990 - 1991 model buses that we ran," Director of Operations Chris Kennedy said. "Some of them had their third and fourth transmission put in them so very nice to be able to have."

Director of operations Chris Kennedy says this year will be the first year in some time that all school buses will have AC.

"Drivers come in sopping wet, kids come in sopping wet after school so it's going to make a difference for everybody," Kennedy said.

Kennedy says each bus has the bus number painted on the roof and includes the no child left behind feature that gives drivers about 15 seconds to check for students by running to the back of the bus to hit a button before an alarm goes off.

The new buses also include automatic side view mirrors for drivers and 8 security cameras with microphones - including two outside the bus to catch drivers who drive past the bus's extended stop sign.

Superintendent Kim Holland says it's all thanks to voters who passed the $2.5 million dollar transportation bond in November.

"All of those things are due to our community standing with us and encouraging us to make Ardmore City Schools the best it can be," Holland said.

Kennedy says it's not just students who are excited about the new purchase, drivers are also looking forward to using the buses.

"It gives them a little bit more comfort and the more comfort they have, the more comfortable they feel as far as in their bus," Kennedy said. "It's a better atmosphere as far as for the kids and everybody."

Kennedy says the schools will receive three new schools buses every year for the next five years.

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