ADT scam targets personal information

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DENISON, Texas (KXII) -- A neighborhood is on alert after a man tried to scam a couple out of their personal information.

The incident happened on Hidden Valley Drive on Monday.

The family did not want to appear on camera, but said a man in his mid-20s to early-30s came to their front door saying he was there with ADT to do a security update.

But, they say, he wouldn’t let them read his badge or even give them a business card.

When they called ADT, the company said they hadn’t sent anyone.

Mary Nichols lives nearby.

“You just don’t know if they’re really legitimate or if they’re not legitimate,” Nichols said. “You just don’t know.”

Nichols said hearing about this kind of thing makes her leery of her typically quiet neighborhood.

“I just think it’s a terrible thing,” Nichols said.

The suspect is described as a white male with sandy blond hair wearing a white shirt and khaki shorts.

The family believes he was after their passcode and security information, but they said he didn’t get anything from them.

Denison police said this is the third or fourth incident that’s been reported to them in recent days.

“A legitimate person coming to the door won’t mind you checking to see that they are legitimate,” Lt. Mike Eppler said. “Call the company they say they are representing or call us and we’ll come out and check.”

Eppler said residents should also ask for their permit to be there.

“The city of Denison issues city permits to vendors like that and they have to have that with them,” Eppler said.

An ADT representative said they usually see these sorts of scams affecting ADT customers this time of year.

“If anybody has anything like that happen, especially if that person is still in the area, we certainly want to know who and come out and talk to them,” Eppler said.

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