Achille board candidates speak out on the town's pending decision on the police department

Published: Mar. 11, 2019 at 7:07 PM CDT
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Candidates News 12 spoke to say they still want to be on the board despite the recent criminal history with some of the current board members.

"Now is the time to speak up and pull together. Now. We need to, because if we don't, this town is going to be destroyed," said Amanda Williams, who is running for the town's board of trustees.

Williams thought about running for years, but says now the time is right because of everything that's happened.

Notable events include the mayor David Northcutt getting arrested for burglary and meth possession in October.

Board member Lynn Chambers getting arrested for meth trafficking and possession of weapons during a felony in December.

Earlier this month, Mayor Northcutt, who is openly gay, was beaten at a convenience store. The FBI is investigating that as a hate crime.

And police raiding board member Bryan Baker's home last week, leading to the entire department being suspended.

"That's when I decided I needed to step in because my kids live here, this is their home. This town needs to come together is what they need to do," said Williams.

Williams doesn't agree with the way the police searched Baker's home.

"They should have had more sense and more respect for that child (in the home during the search warrant). They created an unsafe environment for that kid. They did, and that baby should have never went through that," said Williams.

Last week, board member Billie Hughes told us she is running for re-election, and supports the police.

"This town could be great if we had board members that wouldn't do what they're doing, and want the town cleaned up," said Hughes.

Williams wants any vote on the police to wait until after the election.

"The board members and the police department, there's a lot of controversy there because that's a conflict," said Williams.

There are three other candidates running for the town's board, one declined to go on camera, while the other two couldn't be reached.

Achille residents can cast their ballots for the new board members on April 2 at town hall.