Achille councilman's wife arrested in search warrant caught on video

ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII) - An Achille councilman’s wife got arrested Monday morning.

Ashley Baker recorded video of police raiding their home and putting her husband Bryan Baker in handcuffs.

Police arrested Ashley Monday morning on a search warrant to seize any firearms or ammunition.

"It was something out of a horror movie that you didn't expect to happen to yourself," Ashley said.

Police said a tow truck driver repossessing her car saw her put a gun in her purse.

A gun which they said she can't have, since she's been to prison for drugs.

"I am a convicted felon," Ashley said.

But Ashley said they don't have guns at their home.

They own apartments behind their house. That's where police found a gun, she claims it's one of her tenants.

"I panicked. I was worried for my daughter on what I was going to do with her so she didn't have to see this," Ashley said.

Bryan said Achille police officers dressed in SWAT gear kicked open the door and started tackling him.

"He come running at me with an AR and I put my hands up. And he hit me right there and we slid across the floor," Bryan said.

That's when Ashley said she got her phone out to record the encounter, all while holding her four-year-old daughter.

Ashley was taken to the Bryan County Jail, but released after about four hours.

"What I'm hoping for is that some light comes to this town," Ashley said.

"If this is how I'm going to be punished for doing what's right to help my community, then I guess I'll take it," Bryan said.

Bryan was not arrested. He claims he went to the hospital to be checked for swelling to his face and bruising.