Achille mayor suing Durant church for alleged role in arrest

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 7:01 PM CST
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Last December, Achille mayor Lynn Chambers was arrested following a search warrant led by Achille police on his home.

The lawsuit claims five police agencies were involved in the arrest, which includes one officer from Victory Life Church in Durant.

"In 15 years of practice I've never seen anything quite like this," said Mark Melton, Lynn Chambers' attorney.

Chambers, along with four other people, were arrested for meth trafficking and weapons charges.

Police say no guns or drugs were found inside Chambers' home, but they found over 200 grams of meth and two pounds of marijuana on Chambers' compound in another home.

The Bryan County District Attorney dropped the charges, saying the search of the other homes was improper.

"The search warrant did include out-buildings, but didn't include other residences. What they did, they searched not only the home of Lynn Chambers, but every home that was around Mr. Chambers house. Some of those belonged to his kids, the other plaintiffs," said Melton.

The lawsuit claims children in the home were threatened by officers and put to bed by an officer carrying an AK-47, that property was destroyed as a wine bottle thrown at a TV and the home ransacked, and that law enforcement told the adults if they didn't cooperate they would never see their kids again.

In a statement from Victory Life's defense attorney Michael King, he says the allegations against the church aren't true and no employee was present at the time the warrants were served.

In fact, we spoke with Chris Watson, who was the Achille Police Chief at the time of the raid.

He says the church had absolutely nothing to do with the warrant on Chambers' compound.

"We have communications where he was seeking search warrants on behalf of Victory Life Police Department in conjunction with Achille Police Department, claiming that they were a joint task force. That was never approved by the attorney general's office by the way," said Melton.

The lawsuit says Chambers and his children are seeking damages in excess of $500,000.

No one has been charged in connection to the drugs found during the raid.