Achille officials react to David Northcutt's confessional interview

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ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII)- Newly elected Achille trustee Amanda Williams says this after watching Northcutt's confession, in which Northcutt confessed to taking guns, drugs and money from the evidence room.

"Doing the things he did and the way he did it, I'm ashamed to say I'm his neighbor and live in the same town with him. I hope what he gets what hes got coming to him," said Williams.

Former Achille police chief Chris Watson says he gave the keys to the evidence room to Northcutt on March 5th, the night Northcutt suspended the entire police department following the raid of board member Brian Baker's home.

Watson says following the evidence room theft, the entire police department was suspected in the investigation.

"Which made myself, and all my officers look guilty, and then to steal police evidence made us look even worse," said Watson.

Watson believes the break in was one of the reasons he couldn't find a law enforcement job in Bryan County.

"So all in one event, Mr. Northcutt ruined the chances of John Choate (former asst. chief) and myself gaining employment at another law enforcement agency within Bryan County," said Watson.

Newly hired Achille Police Chief Stephen Isadeh says improving security inside town hall will be a priority.

"He was always someone everyone looked up to, and saw as a respected person. Just to see where he was at that time, which is where he's at now, is completely shocking to me. Its an unfortunate thing," said Isadeh.

"Why would you go and steal from the evidence room? What's the point? Did he not think they were going to figure it out?" said Williams.