Achille teacher starts group to help Bryan County teachers

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ACHILLE, Okla. (KXII)- Achille high school art teacher Judy Stephens started the Bryan County Adopt a Teacher group on Facebook a week ago to help teachers get school supplies, and she did not expect the amount of people who helped contribute to her cause.

"It's amazing that people want to help teachers that much," (Stephens)

Stephens has been a teacher for over 30 years, and has learned school supplies can come at a big price.

"Most of the teachers buy the stuff out of their pockets. The first of this school year, money is tight any way for everyone because they are buying back to school clothes but they have to buy these supplies," said Stephens.

Stephens says the state allows Oklahoma teachers to write off $250 for school supplies annually, but she says teachers can spend anywhere from $500-1000 every year just to buy what's needed for their classrooms.

In just seven days almost 1000 people have joined and over 100 Bryan County teachers have been "adopted".

One is Toni Walton.

"What it really has done is them saying to the kids that there's people in the community that really want to help you and really believe what we are doing here at Achille," said Walton.

Relita Cayton donated supplies to her friend who teaches at Calera high school.

"Some of the parents have multiple children and I used to have the school list and its a little overwhelming, especially with more than one kid. So its nice to take a little stress of the teacher," said Cayton.

With so many reaching out to help teachers in Bryan County, Stephens hopes it will inspire the ones they try to teach every day.

"We have kids that want to learn, and they need to learn. This just enables us to help them more," said Stephens.

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