Active shooter drill takes place at Gainesville High School

Gainesville, TX (KXII)-- School shootings have happened all across the country.

So Gainesville first responders made sure they were ready for a worst case scenario as they played out a situation having an active shooter on campus.

Gainesville Police Chief Kevin Phillips explained, "we had an active shooter exercise where we work in conjunction with the fire department and the EMS personnel to respond to that type of event".

This is the first year this type of exercise has taken place.

After receiving recent training, the Gainesville police along with other departments knew it was the right time to practice what they learned.

"We recently attended some training both police department, fire department, and EMS and the Cooke county deputies as well, to learn how to integrate our response to this kind of event".

Dozens of staff from the Gainesville ISD district remained inside the cafeteria, acting as students, as they awaited action from police.

A few minutes passed as the injured were rushed to an ambulance. A student, Pshyla Kemp was glad this drill happened.

Kemp said, "I think it will make us like feel safer and closer to the teachers and stuff, cause they're actually caring about our safety".

The active shooter drill lasted nearly 2 hours.

Hours where those involved hope they never experience to the full extent.