Ada 911 dispatchers receive new cost-saving system

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - Ada 911 dispatchers say they answer calls within 6 seconds from the time the phone rings.

They respond for 23 different agencies throughout the county, so acting fast is an essential part of the job.

"[It's] literally life and death seconds count if we can't locate a person ... they could possibly die,"Dispatcher Josie Hall said.

That's why Hall says she's thankful her office is using a new 911 system,Emergency Call Works.

Ada 911 Manager Dave Musgraves says dispatchers took 377,000 calls last year.

Dispatchers went live on the newer, faster system Wednesday afternoon.

"They can either answer from a head set, or they can mouse-click it and answer it,"Musgraves said.

But Musgraves says the biggest game changer is how the new system records calls.

The old system didn't start recording calls until a dispatcher answered the phone, but now, "that recording starts the moment she dials the last '1' in 911,"Musgraves said.

He says could help in domestic violence situations.

"Dial 911 and lay your phone down, you don't have to do anything else," Musgraves said.

Hall says she's glad they no longer have to use old equipment.

"I see a major difference as far as, locating people faster it's much faster, it's a much better system," She said.

Musgraves says constantly updating outdated equipment was getting expensive, so using the new system will save the city $490,000 over the next 10 years.

"It's all about provide service to our citizens and this service is going to help us," Musgraves said.