Ada Baby Yoda mural emerges to promote the arts for Oklahoma youth

The Baby Yoda mural in downtown Ada sparks an awareness for the arts for Oklahoma Youth.
The Baby Yoda mural in downtown Ada sparks an awareness for the arts for Oklahoma Youth.(KXII)
Published: Dec. 29, 2019 at 7:17 PM CST
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Not so long ago, in The City of Ada — an icon appeared on a downtown wall for the first time.

"Just with the recent Mandalorian series that kicked of it kind of revamped everything,” said Brent Greenwood, mural artist and Chickasaw Fine Arts Director.

Fans like Bella Friant walked down Broadway and 10th street with her family Sunday afternoon on a mission to find the mural of the new Star Wars Character commonly known as 'Baby Yoda.'

"Baby Yoda, absolutely Baby Yoda,” Friant said. “Hannah asked if we wanted to take a picture with the mural, and we said yeah.”

Chickasaw Nation Fine Arts Director Brent Greenwood painted the mural within two hours last Saturday morning using only spray paint.

"Yeah, I just had kind of an impulse. I just wanted to paint this little guy because I felt like doing it and thought it would be nice to engage the public with public art,” said Greenwood.

He said his public art display is his way to promote the arts for Oklahoma Youth.

"Sometimes students don't get an outlet to create art, but if they can wake up every day, go to it or from school, or wherever. If they see it in a public setting, at least it's there a part of the community environment,” said Greenwood.

Greenwood supervises the Chickasaw Arts Academy, and students painted the mural next to 'Baby Yoda.'

Greenwood plans to add more to the 'Baby Yoda' painting, and eventually connect the two works of art.

"With the Introduction to 'Baby Yoda', it's just been a sweet deal to kind of get involved with Star Wars all over again,” said Greenwood.