Ada City Schools propose multi-million dollar school bond

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - "We think it's affordable but everything comes with a cost and this is no exception," Ada Superintendent Mike Anderson said.

Anderson says the $2.5 million school bond would raise taxes by 5 percent.

Homeowners would pay an extra $5 per $100 in taxes annually for the next five years if it passes.

"It's an opportunity like I said to meet some immediate needs but to kick start what we think is a large long term look at what this district needs to have," Anderson said.

Ada's school bond includes two propositions.

Prop 1 costs a little over $2 million.

It'll fund new STEM labs at the junior and high school, infrastructure for technology integration, and provide more devices and updated textbooks for classrooms.

"If this bond passes we'll have money available this summer so we can put new math textbooks in every child's hand next fall,"Anderson said.

As for Prop 2, $565, 000 for eight new school buses.

Parent Erik Johnson says the bond is a step in the right direction.

"I'm a big believer in that we have to take care of our backyard and, if the legislature's not going to do their job like they've been elected to do, then it's on our local citizenry," Johnson said.

But not all are in favor of the bond.

"It's too much they're getting too many taxes put on us,," Resident Peggy Romanus said,"a lot of our generation we're on fixed income and more tax, it's hard for us.

Voters head to the polls February 13.