Ada Schools launches new aviation program

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ADA, OK "This is not just about flying planes," superintendent Mike Anderson said.

They'll be taught by professionals at the Ada Regional Airport, like the General Aviation Modifications company.

The curriculum is provided for free by Purdue University.

"All of our kids will be exposed to anything that touches aviation," Anderson said.

"We've never really had anything this big before," student Coleman Prince said.

"We've been able to send a couple teachers to professional development out to Seattle, Washington to see a high school that actually has this in their curriculum," Anderson said.

100 students met to learn about the program.

"I think it's a lot of opportunity and I'm glad they're making this available to Ada High School," Prince said.

They won't fly planes, but rather explore other aviation related careers.

"They let me sit in the helicopter and put a trach into someone, and I'm kind of maybe considering a new field of going into being an AirEvac nurse," student Natalie Jack said.

"This is about air traffic control, this about software for the flight simulator, they'll be a restaurant in the terminal so this could be everything from culinary arts to restaurant management," Anderson said.

"It's important to start young pick a direction and stay with it," GAMI president Tim Roehl said.

Anderson says he's working on a grant for costs that may arise in the future, so students can do more with aviation, as the program grows.

The program begins next school year.