Ada teacher wins Facebook contest; celebrates 45 years in the classroom

Published: Sep. 19, 2016 at 6:26 PM CDT
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ADA, Okla. (KXII) -- Janet Truitt is a Hayes Grade Center first grade teacher, and she recently won the Bedre Fine Chocolate Stock-the-School Facebook competition.

"I'm just totally blown away I don't know what to say," Truitt said as she found out she won the competition..

This past August, Bedre asked for nominations from their Facebook fans explaining why their favorite Oklahoma teacher should win the school-supplies of their choice.

"We were just really happy with the response that we got," General Manager Kay Colbert said. "And plus, we wanted to help do something to help them stock you know their classroom and school supplies."

Truitt was up against 120 other teachers, and easily came in first with 600 more votes than any other of the three finalists.

Hayes Principal Diana Clampitt said, "Working with Janet has meant the world to me."

This year, Truitt celebrates her 45th, and final year teaching.

As a first grade teacher at Hayes Grade Center, she's always using the printer.

She says teachers got $100 for school supplies from their city's foundation, which was just enough for one toner cartridge and a ream of paper.

"I've already spent over $1,200 out of my pocket since the end of July... I'm having to restock and uh ink is wonderful because it's a hundred dollars every time just about," said Truitt.

A Bedre spokesperson says they just wanted to help Oklahoma teachers deal with the ongoing budget cuts.

"Teachers have been going through kind of a rough time right now and so..especially across the whole state," Colbert said. "It's kind of sad to think you know they're spending money out of their own pocket."

In addition to the $300 worth of printer toner, Bedre also gave Truitt more than 700 chocolate Meltaways.

"I told my teachers if they voted for me and we won we'd have chocolate," Truitt said, "so it's going into the lounge here in just a few minutes. I love them as much as they love me apparently."