Ada area woman reunited with dog found in Texas four months later

Published: Feb. 27, 2020 at 6:47 PM CST
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An Ada area woman was reunited with her dog earlier this week in Grayson County after it went missing for nearly four months.

Alexis Hill said she has had her Schnauzer Yorkie mix, named Milli, for about four years.

Hill said Milli has ran off to neighbors houses before and been returned.

However, around early November, Milli seemed to vanish.

Hill and her family put out flyers, went to shelters and searched lost and found pet groups online with no luck.

"It was kind of devastating to not have any leads after working so hard," Hill said.

Late Saturday night, nearly four months later, one of Hill's friends said her dog had been found in the Calera area and was currently being taken care of by Linda Arnold, who fosters animals in Sherman.

Sunday morning, Hill called Arnold to confirm some distinct physical traits and mannerisms between Milli and the dog Arnold had, including a floppy ear and a knob tail.

The dog also responded to the name 'Milli'.

Hill said she had some doubts when she first saw the dog in person because it looked bigger and more muscular.

However, the actual reunion of the two pushed those aside.

"She jumped right up in my lap and started licking me," Hill said. "Her tongue has a distinct texture, her breath. Whenever it's your pet, you don't forget some of those traits that they have."

"We're all crying. It was the most amazing moment,": Arnold said.

Arnold said she has fostered hundreds of animals but rarely finds the owner, let alone four months later.

"I'm just passionate about it," Arnold said. "I think it makes a difference. I could tell you story after story after story."

"I'm just so appreciative that she's listened to God's calling for her to be a foster parent for dogs and cats," Hill said.

Hill said she does plan to have Milli microchipped and not let her go outside alone.

How she wound up 60 miles away remains a mystery.

"I don't know. Who did you live with? What did they feed you? Did they love on you?I think it'd just be very interesting to know," Hill said. "If dogs could talk, I would love to hear her story."

Hill said she plans to make up for some lost time.

"She's back and spoiled rotten and we're happy."