Ada church collecting plastic bottle caps to help 2-year-old beat cancer

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - An Ada church is raising money for a 2-year-old cancer patient by collecting plastic bottle caps.

The Galey Baptist Church is collecting plastic bottle caps to help a 2-year-old cancer patient as she fights cancer.

Mille Mount was diagnosed with neuroblastoma last June, and her mother, Courtney Mount said Mille experienced stomach pain and consistent fevers.

The Mount family is in the middle of her road to recovery.

"She'll be in treatment for about a year, so there's different needs that come up like that,” said Courtney.

Mille's cancer started at her adrenal glands and then spread to her lungs and liver.

"After two to three months, we found out her liver was oversized by three times it should've been,” said David Mount, Millie’s father. “It was within a day or two Children's [Hospital] figured out what was wrong, and then we started our long track to healing."

The youth group at the Galey Baptist Church heard about Millie's story and wanted to help by collecting plastic bottle caps.

Outside the church, there’s a new dumpster in use for collecting the plastic caps.

Members from the church said when the container gets full they plan on recycling them and donating that money to help Millie fight for her life.

"Whatever money comes, I don't know if it's a huge fundraiser, but it's an awareness. It makes people aware of what these kids are fighting, and gives is an opportunity to share Millie's story,” said Courtney.

Courtney manages Millie’s Facebook page, Millie’s Miracle, and said the church has received bottle caps from all over Oklahoma and as far as Arkansas.

Since the Galey Baptist Church start collecting plastic bottle caps, the container is filled to about shin high.

"Definitely don't have it all together. We really just rely on the Lord and trust in him for healing,” said David.

The Mount family said the church is handling all plastic bottle cap donations, and the Gayle Baptist Church is accepting bottle caps until December 1 or when the dumpster gets filled to the top.

All donations can be mailed or dropped off at the Galey Baptist Church on 6025 State Highway 3W, Ada, OK 74820.