Ada family remembers mother shot on Thursday, looks for answers

ADA, Okla. (KXII) - Oklahoma City Police say 38-year-old Brandi Alden was shot in her apartment complex Thursday night and later died at the hospital, but not before telling police the name of her alleged shooter.

Police caught 27-year-old Dylan Wade Schwenk Friday night.

Zavier Lews, Alden's 16-year-old daughter, says she often helped people bringing them into her home when they had nowhere to go and that's how she came to know Schwenk.

"She took him off the streets," Lewis said. "She fed him, everything. She helped him and he turned on her like that and it hurts really bad."

Tiffany Charles, Alden's sister-in-law, said Alden was the closest thing to a sister she ever had.

"She had the ability to touch people's lives in a way that they would be changed forever," Charles said. "She was just one of those people. He robbed, not only us, but this world of a beautiful spirit."

Alden's family said she was a hard worker even after having a rough upbringing in Montana and trouble with the law.

She did not graduate high school but completed an equivalency program at East Central University, later graduating with a degree in Human Resources.

Her family said her five kids were also very important to her.

She worked out a co-parenting system with their father even after they separated.

"She put off everything and drove down here from Oklahoma City every weekend just to get us and take us to do stuff," 13-year-old Zechaya Lewis said.

"Whether if it was for a day or in the middle of the night, she came and spent the whole day," Zavier Lewis said.

The family said it has many questions about what led up to the shooting and what Brandi's last words were.

They are hoping to speak to investigators early next week.

According to the Oklahoma County Sheriff, Schwenk faces counts of first degree murder and armed robbery.

"My sister-in-law paid the ultimate price for his demons and I really hope that for the rest of his life he has to plead, like she did to him to stop, to his demons," Charles said.

The family has tentative plans for a funeral May 18.