Ada liquor store burglarized

ADA, Okla. (KXII) -- Two Pontotoc County men were arrested Saturday morning for robbing an Ada liquor store, then running from police.

David Adair, 27, and Taylor Perkins, 24 were taken to the Pontotoc County Jail, and they later posted $15,000 bond.

A woman who lives on West Main Street said she saw the men smashing the windows and then take off on foot when police arrived on scene.

"It just happened so quick," Catherine Taylor said.

Catherine Taylor lives across the street from Buds Liquor Store on West Main Street.

Taylor said she was in her living room watching TV early Saturday morning when she heard commotion outside.

"I just heard a banging noise outside and I got up and looked out the window and saw (a guy) across the street, hitting a window trying to get into the liquor store," Taylor said.

Taylor says she was calling 911 when police showed up.

The men took off on foot.

"I stepped back inside for a moment to calm my dogs down," Taylor said. "I come back outside and one of the police officers was standing beside the house - still looking for them," Taylor said.

Then they heard a noise coming from the side her home.

Taylor says when the officer went to investigate, the suspect ran into the middle of the street.

"As they enter into the middle of the street, I heard him say 'Taser' and he struck him with a taser and the guy just dropped to the ground," Taylor said.

Taylor says this is the second time in six months she has seen someone break into a store on her street.

"It's their livelihood, you know, and to see someone try to come in and take that from them -- it's just a terrible thing," Taylor said.

The store owner tells us the smashed windows and other damages have since been repaired.

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