Ada man arrested Tuesday on arson and assault charges

ADA, Okla. (KXII) - Ada police officers and firefighters responded to a house on South Stonewall Avenue Tuesday afternoon where a man tried to burn it down with himself inside.

Ada police report 24-year-old Marcus Javier Trent Ortiz had locked himself in the bathroom with a kitchen knife around 1 p.m. Tuesday.

His girlfriend, Taylor Donaghey, tried to get Ortiz to come out and when he did, he put his hands on her neck, leaving marks.

Lisa Bratcher, public information director for the city, said she got away and called the police.

"She tried to get him to stay in the house by barricading the front door with a couch," Bratcher said. "Then he pushed out the air conditioner and fled the scene."

Donaghey and her juvenile daughter left the house and went to Ortiz's mother's house.

Fire Marshal Joe Allen said about an hour later, his girlfriend and mother returned to see smoke coming out of the house.

"He had set a trash can on fire and it was basically out on arrival," Allen said. "It had kind of smothered itself out. There was just a lot of smoke."

Ada police returned and placed Ortiz in custody, who later admitted to setting the fire.

"There were TVs knocked over, busted, and a few other things broken on the floor," Allen said. "Smoke damage was the main damage from the fire."

Ortiz faces felony charges of first-degree arson and assault and battery.

"There really wasn't much damage but the potential was there to cause a lot of damage and do harm to himself and others trying to get him out, not to mention the responders who show up on scene can get injured or killed even trying to get in to get somebody out," Allen said.