Ada man dies during struggle with police

An Ada man died last week after running from police and being arrested.

Anthony Meeley, 36, died Friday afternoon after being arrested by Ada Police following a disturbance between Meeley and a woman.

Now his relatives like cousin Cuisheena Rollins want answers.

"I mean, we want the body camera. We want to know what happened. Witness are saying one thing but nobody wants to come forward." Rollins said.

Video shot by a person who lives nearby shows Meeley running from an officer. Ada police say Meeley tried to grab onto passing cars and even slipped out of the officer's grasp a few times.

Two men driving helped the officer by pinning Meeley's legs while the officer got him in handcuffs.

City spokeswoman Lisa Bratcher says it's uncommon for an officer to ask for help unless it's a dire situation.

"And this was, indeed. He needed to get him restrained for his safety and the safety of everybody else," Bratcher said.

Another video shows Meeley sitting in handcuffs and going unconscious as police try to stand him up. Police say he was still breathing when he went unconscious but was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

"What they're trying to do is make sure that they're safe the public is safe and the suspect is safe. Nobody ever wants to see anybody get hurt," Bratcher said of the video.

Rollins says there is a huge hole in her family and that Meeley, who had previously been arrested for drugs and assault, was like a big brother to her.

"We don't want it swept under the rug. We want to know what happened to him. We want to know who tried to help him. It's not fair that they have to sit here and not know the answers."

Ada police say they don't know how Meeley died. An autopsy is planned for his body.

The officer is still on duty. Officials in Ada say he followed all training.