Ada man facing charges after pulling gun, making threats to OHP trooper

ADA, Okla. (KXII) - An Ada man is in custody after he tried to pull a gun on a state trooper, then made threats to kill the trooper and his wife Saturday night.

Court records say the trooper was patrolling Saturday night when he saw a car with its trunk lid blocking the back window and a broken exhaust pipe.

The trooper made the traffic stop around 8th Street and Bluff Avenue.

Lt. Brett Sayre said during the stop, the trooper saw the driver, 22-year-old Tyler Robert Cox, appear to show signs of being intoxicated and asked him to step out of the car.

"He did, but he did in a really hurried manner, almost an aggressive manner," Sayre said. "The trooper slowed him down."

Reports said Cox acted nervous so the trooper patted him down for weapons.

That is when Cox started reaching for his waistband to grab something.

"Because he started resisting, he wrapped him up from behind, controlling his arms and started to take the suspect to the ground," Sayre said.

Cox reached further down his pants and pulled out a Raven Arms .25 caliber pistol but lost it, landing on the other side of the car.

Reports say the handgun had its serial number ground off and Cox was a felon from his criminal history.

Once Cox was in custody, he began telling the trooper his intent to shoot and kill the trooper and run away because the trooper did not know Cox's name at the time.

Reports also said Cox said he would kill the trooper and his wife once he gets out of prison or will have someone else do it. He also said he was "very" gang-affiliated.

Sayre said troopers do not usually get put into any protection when threats are made but they definitely stay alert.

"We take it very seriously," Sayre said. "We take it very seriously when those things are said and actions are like that. We will make sure he's taken care of. We'll be on the lookout for anything that's out of the ordinary. We will take care of our own."

Cox is in the Pontotoc County jail on a $500,000 bond facing several charges including DUI, drug possession, assault and battery on a police officer and threatening a violent act of death on an officer.