Ada medical marijuana advocates plan to sue city after ordinance passes

Published: Dec. 3, 2018 at 11:43 PM CST
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Medical Marijuana advocates in Ada plan to sue after the city council passed a medical marijuana ordinance, telling them where they can and cannot set up shop.

One of the big items on the agenda at Ada city council meeting was two versions of medical marijuana ordinances.

The only difference between the two was how close medical marijuana businesses could be to churches.

One version had no restriction, the other would keep businesses back 300 feet.

None of the medical marijuana businesses that have filed for city permits would be affected by the 300 foot rule.

However, advocates, like Ada resident Ashley Griffin, said it is unfair to future businesses and is in violation of law set forth by State Question 788 which only addresses schools.

"It's just not in the state law for them to be able to take those steps," Griffin said. "That's what my issue is, all in all."

Griffin is a business owner looking to grow and process in Ada and said she will be meeting with an attorney to file a lawsuit challenging the council's decision.

"I know that several other people have contacted the same attorney," Griffin said. "We are definitely all going to be taking steps to make sure that this doesn't pass the way they are trying to make it pass."

Church leaders favoring the 300 foot restriction said they want to have a safe are free from influence of drugs.

Travis Muse, pastor at Asbury United Methodist church in Ada, spoke to the crowd at city hall Monday night.

"It's trying to create some safe space so that individuals that have struggled with it can find a sanctuary in which they can grow and improve and develop their life," Muse said.

The council voted to pass the 300 foot rule, with Vice Mayor Bryan Morris being the only council member opposed.

"And I'm not trying to zone you out of business," Ada Mayor Tre Landrum said. "I'm not trying to zone you out of the community. I'm wanting to make this fair and equitable for everybody in the room."

The city has approved permits for four dispensaries and one grower in Ada city limits. The city has also approved permits for one dispensary and one processing business outside of city limits.