Ada police continue to investigate hit and run accident one year later

ADA, Okla. (KXII) - Ada police say last September Joshua Gregory was on his motorcycle leaving from the Blue Moon Car show at the North Hills Center when he crashed just up the street.

It was Sept. 16 when Ada police say witnesses reported seeing a woman driving a Green SUV pull out of a driveway headed westbound on Lonnie Abbott Blvd and merge into the same lane as Gregory, causing him to swerve off the roadway.

"He said she looked right at him and then came over on him, on top of the motorcycle, on the fender (and) caused him to hit the center median and blow the tire and that's when it fell over," Gregory's mother Linda Linkugel said.

"That person fled the scene, they did not stop to help - they left," Ada Public Information Director Lisa Bratcher said. "Everybody around stopped to help Joshua and at that point he was taken to a local hospital."

Gregory was later medifilghted and spent a week in ICU at an Oklahoma City hospital.

He had back surgery and then spent three weeks in rehab.

Gregory was left paralyzed from the waist down.

"He said I'm going to beat this cause the doctor told him he would walk in 6 months to a year he said your spinal cord is just damaged," Linkugel said.

On Nov. 4, 21 days before his 31st birthday, Gregory showed his parents he was able to move his left leg.

"He moved it pretty good." Butch Linkugel said. "I gave him a fist bump and said yeah!"

But that night Gregory complained he couldn't breathe and was taken to the hospital where he died from a blood clot in his leg.

"My baby is gone and whoever done it is driving around," Linkugel said. "It's not fair, I just want justice for my boy."

Gregory's family says he loved to hunt, fish and had been riding motorcycles since he was 21.

He had just won third place in a contest in the car show on the day of the accident.

They also say he was engaged and was planning on getting married soon.

Bratcher and the family ask if you have any information to give police a call.

You can also remain anonymous by calling the crime stoppers phone number at 580-332-2824.

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