Ada police officers honored with life-saving award

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - Ada police captain Casey Northcutt says it happened in an instant.

"As we were driving up to his vehicle he took out a can of gasoline and poured it on himself," Northcutt said.

Northcutt and officer Chad Reid were responding to the incident at the Rosedale Cemetery back in January.

"We got on our loud speakers, and we were trying to talk to him, we were trying to talk him down," Northcutt said, "we were trying to get him and just walk toward us."

Police say the man was suffering from mental health issues when he drank some sort of chemical, then poured gasoline and set himself on fire.

"We just jumped into action from there, I mean it's just reflexes and you know training kick in," Officer Reid said, "you do what you gotta do and go from there."

The officers put the flames out as quickly as possible and helped get him to the hospital.

"It was very rewarding to me learn that this gentlemen lived, because we did not know that day that he was going to live or die,"Northcutt said.

Since then, Officer Northcutt says he's spoken to the man, who credits them for saving his life.

The man is now recovering from the burns.

"We got heroes all over the Ada police department," Reid said.