Ada seniors get holiday surprise

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ADA, Okla. (KXII) - Madison Foster says she wanted brighten up the holidays this year for a special group of people.

"You know it's nice to try to do something for them," Foster said.

Foster says she's worked in several nursing homes in Ada and noticed how tough the holidays can be for the elderly community.

"They don't have family around here or maybe they are the only family left, so they don't always get things or they don't always see people," She said.

So Foster took social media to get others to donate to the special cause.

With the help of the Ada community, Foster was able to deliver more than 200 gifts to to local nursing homes.

"It shows, their love for people out here," Sammy O'Neal said.

Sammy O'Neal is 102 years old, she says while her family is local, that isn't the case for many seniors at the Ada Baptist Village.

O'Neal says the gifts mean a lot to them.

"It's consoling, it helps them realize how good the Lord is to them," O'Neal said.

Foster's mother, Angela Murray, says she's proud of daughter's efforts.

"It started as just a small family project and then it grew to a whole community project," Murray said.

Murray tells us she hopes her family's efforts encourages more people to get involved in the future.

"Hopefully that it's brightened people's day, made Christmas a little better for all of our nursing home residents here in Ada," Murray said.

Foster says they gave socks, hats, blankets and even a few coats as gifts.

Foster plans to continue the giving this time next year.