Ada woman searches for wedding dress after discovering dry cleaning mix up from 14 years ago

Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 6:56 PM CST
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An Ada woman is searching for her wedding dress after she discovered earlier this week that it was missing after a mix up at the dry cleaners 14 years ago.

Renee Hogue has lived in Ada all her life and married her husband, Harvey, in August of 1985.

The couple will celebrate 35 years together later this year.

She said she had found her dress at a bridal fair in Oklahoma City.

"When you think about an 80's wedding, it was big," Hogue said. "There was ruffles. My train was ruffles. Sleeves were ruffles."

Hogue said she had loaned it to a friend to wear for her wedding and it was returned.

Hogue's mother suggested it should be cleaned and took the dress to Comet Cleaners in Ada July of 2006.

"I had kept my dress thinking 'One day I'll have a little girl. She'll want to use my dress. She'll want to play in it'," Hogue said.

Now, Hogue's daughter plans to get married this May.

"Our plans were to take a piece off of my dress to make something for her to carry on her day," Hogue said. “But the minute I opened the lid, I knew it wasn’t my dress. I was shocked."

She found a size 16 satin dress with a detachable train and sleeves.

Her daughter posted on social media about the missing dress and has gotten many responses but the dress has not shown up yet.

Hogue contacted the dry cleaners who were very apologetic, but only have records going back six years.

“He said ‘I get it. My wife would be devastated too’," Hogue said.

The owner of the dry cleaner business offered to pay back the dry cleaning fee.

“I have a heavy heart about not finding my dress, not having my dress," Hogue said. I’m not angry. I know mistakes happen.”

Hogue is now working to get the word out.

"The ideal situation would be for me to find my dress," Hogue said. "Of course, I want to find my dress before the wedding, my daughter's wedding. But I also want to return the dress to its owner."

"Hopefully, someone out there has my dress," Hogue said. "They'll look in a box that was boxed up somewhere around 2006. Check your boxes. That's what I'd say. Check you boxes, makes sure you have your dress."

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