AdaFest brings entertainment, economic boost to city

ADA, Okla. (KXII) The city of Ada hosted its annual music, arts and cultural festival on Saturday.

Thousands of people came to downtown Ada on Saturday to take part in AdaFest.

Local businesses, organizations and food trucks lined main street.

The festival also featured many musical acts which drew large crowds.

More than 40 musical acts played at the festival.

"I come out here to listen to the live music. I'm a big fan of music," said Dillon Bob, an Ada resident.

13,000 people came to the festival in 2017. Organizers said they expect a similar number this year.

One festival goer said she enjoys how Adafest brings the community together.

"AdaFest is neat because it's all about the local community so I like to enjoy getting to know people, meeting people, seeing
their different brands and shops that are represented today," Bethany Cypert said.

Organizers said the festival is a way to provide entertainment for residents as well as help Ada's economy.

They want to put the city on the map as an entertainment destination.

David Piercy is one of the board members for AdaFest.

"If they don't have things to do, they're always going to Norman or going to Dallas, spending their money there," Piercy said. "We want there to be things for people to do."

Sponsors see the good the festival brings, short-term and long-term.

"The Ada Jobs Foundation is one of our sponsors because they understand we're trying to give an economic boost to this area," Piercy said. "It's more about growing the area than anything."

Planning for AdaFest takes most of the year.

Piercy said the planning for next year's AdaFest begins next month.

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