After Dallas siren hacks, Denison will replace and upgrade emergency sirens

Published: Apr. 18, 2017 at 6:41 PM CDT
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DENISON, Texas. (KXII) -- The city of Denison will be updating and replacing their severe weather emergency sirens over the next few months. This after the Dallas emergency sirens were hacked a few weeks ago and blared late into the early morning for no reason.

That's what Dallas residents woke up to two weeks ago. All of their 156 emergency sirens going off, apparently thanks to hackers.

"We're certainly taking a look at security and how our systems can be protected from a similar type of attack," says Denison Emergency Management Coordinator Morgan Metcalf. "We don't have that kind of similar exposure to that sort of thing here in Denison."

That's because Denison's sirens aren't online and the new ones won't be either. Metcalf, says Denison is in a big need of replacing the six old sirens, some of which are over 30 years old and placing two new sirens in Munson and Waterloo parks.

"Well I mean it would be very good, i haven't seen many sirens out here exactly, I don't exactly know what they would sound like if they were out here," says Denison local Rodney Coble. "Yea I wouldn't want to get caught up in some wind."

"Great for them to be doing it in this location," says Denison local Chris Buckner.

Metcalf says the sirens are to notify people who are outside their home and in public places. Locals say having new sirens could help save lives.

"I wouldn't want to get caught up with some bad wind out here," says Coble. "I would love to be warned."

"That way it notify's people to go home," says Buckner. "Get in shelter, get where they need to be so the storm doesn't hurt them."