After shooting threat, Sulphur school attendance down

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SULPHUR, Okla. (KXII) -- "For the family: peace of mind and mine and everbody's, we kept him home," says Sulphur school parent Josh Owens.

A messaged written on the hand dryer of this bathroom says there would be a shooting at the school on Monday. There was also a drawing of a gun pointing at a stick figure.

That was enough for Owens to keep his son home from school, and that's where he'll stay until the the school finds who's responsible.

"If something is not done before too long then we could be longer, he's got a certain amount of days he can miss, so I have no problem keeping him out," says Owens.

Superintendent Gary Jones says they're still looking into the situation.

"At this time we're still not sure who the responsible party is, but we are continuing to investigate the matter," says Jones.

Jones says he went to each Middle school classroom, helping students understand how to escape and protect themselves from a dangerous situation.

"Addressing to the kids in the event you had a situation that occurred at school, occurred in a movie theater, occur in any public place, do you have a personal protection plan? To make sure you're going to get out of that situation safely. Do you look for exits, do you look for unattended bags, do you notice suspicious behavior," Jones asked students.

Jones says about 20 percent of students stayed home on Monday.

"We were down, we were down somewhat and we expect it to rebound it tomorrow," says Jones.

Owens hopes this incident won't change the way his son feels about school.

"He's scared of the dark, we don't need him to be scared to go to school," says Owens.

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