Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation comes to Ardmore

ARDMORE, Okla. (KXII) - They're called the Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation.

"Our mission is to give back to those who have given and we do that in a really cool way," founder and pilot Darryl Fisher said.

A nonprofit founded by pilot Darryl Fisher, who honors military veterans by taking them for a ride in a 1940's stearman biplane.

The organization has been giving back to veterans for seven years, all free of charge.

"My passion for aviation is in sharing with folks like that and that's what we can do for them," Fisher said.

Fisher says he hadn't been to Ardmore before Sunday when he was able to give 8 World War II veterans the chance to fly in the aircraft.

"Mr.Collins was 101 years old today and he got to fly," Fisher said. "I mean what else can we do for him that would be this special."

Logan Tilley was another veteran who took off in the air craft.

He's 91 years old.

"My body is 91 but my brain is still 45," Tilley said. "I still feel like I'm 45. I know I look old but I feel like I'm 45, I really do."

Tilley was drafted when he was 19 years old just a year after marrying his wife.

But the war ended by the time he completed his basic training.

"The war was over so they sent me to Korea so I served over there before I came home, for 18 months." Tilley said.

But it's memories like Sunday's event that Tilley says he treasures the most.

"I really feel honored that I was one of the eight that got to go up there, I really do," Tilley said.

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