Alligators at Lake Texoma have some lake goers concerned

Published: Jun. 30, 2016 at 9:48 PM CDT
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LAKE TEXOMA -- With a lot of lake goers this 4th of July weekend, alligator sightings at Lake Texoma have some people worried.

"No ma'am we're not getting in that water!" a Johnson Creek camper said.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said they've posted these notices to make sure campers know that there are alligators in the area around Johnson Creek.

But, they want to make sure people know these signs are just meant to raise awareness -- not because the alligators are seen as an imminent threat.

"I'm glad that they put the notices up, I mean we're not going to be swimming out there but oh yeah I'm glad they put the notices up," said Sandra Long.

"Alligators attacking a human is a very rare thing. That's not their prey item, its not what they're looking for. They're typically very reclusive. They're not really wanting to interact with humans," said Corps of Engineers spokesperson Paul Balkenbush.

Officials say alligators are indigenous to the Southwest area and although they have only recently become more visible, they've lived in Southern Oklahoma for years.

"But as they become seen, as we get more development around the lake and people begin to inhabit more the back woods areas, the farther reaching parts of our ecosystem here, they're probably going to see more animals that live here," said Balkenbush.

Knowing that alligators have been spotted near the recreational area of Johnson Creek, campers say they won't let it hinder their long weekend lake experience.

"I mean we'll just play it safe, we stay out of the water. They say watch in the low end in the late afternoons and everything around the banks and stuff. We'll just stay away from it."

The Army Corps say they've never received a call about people getting attacked by alligators and say the biggest danger by far is water safety.