Amanda Brinkman, Ty Pennington highlight what stood out to them about Durant

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DURANT, Okla. (KXII)- When Amanda Brinkman and Ty Pennington were announcing the six finalists for Small Business Revolution Tuesday morning, folks at a watch party in Durant were becoming a little anxious waiting for their towns name to be called.

In the end, the wait was worth it.

The Opera House coffee shop erupted in cheers after the first five towns were announced as finalists for the show, and Durant took the final spot.

Mandi Franks was in the crowd, she said everyone was holding their breath.

"Everyone was sitting there like on their toes like 'did we do enough? Are we excitable enough? Did we work hard enough? And I think we've shown that we have and I'm so excited," said Franks.

People will now have the chance to vote for Durant online, with the winner bringing home a $500,000 main street makeover.

"We have really seen our town starting to unify, being proud of where they're from, working together to push for economic development and to improve our community," said Durant Main Street Director Stephanie Gardner.

Brinkman said the excitement she felt in Durant stood out most during her visit to the town last month.

"We hear that the town of Durant was really recognizing that people from the outside were coming in and saying you have something special here. We could hear that sense of pride, we could hear the opportunity that was in front of them," said Brinkman.

The hosts also got a kick out of seeing cutouts of themselves around town.

"Yes, I would do little poses with them and send them to Ty, because there would be two of me and one of you, and I was then winning," said Brinkman.
"Clearly, those were my favorite moments," said Pennington, to Brinkman.

You can vote for Durant online between the 12th and the 19th by following this link below.