American flags torn by vandals in Gainesville

Gainesville, TX (KXII)-- David Hampton owns and operates the Dry Clean Super Center in Gainesville.

Every year he shows his patriotism by displaying American flags on the front property of his business location, especially when Independence Days approaches.

On June 30, while he was out of town, he received a call from a friend saying that three of his five flags had been torn off and left on the ground.

Hampton says, "I noticed they weren't ripped, like wind torn or anything, they were actually physically torn off the flag it's just really angering".

The American flag holds a significant meaning to his heart. His father served during the Korean War, was shot in the face, and stabbed on his hand by a bayonet.

Years later when his father passed away, in his funeral in 2007, Hampton remembers the moment vividly.

"The flag was folded into a triangle, and passed to my mother's hands by the master sergeant and that's when it came to the flag means something for me..".

An Army veteran of 38 years, and now commander of VFW Post 1922 in Gainesville, was shocked to hear of the flags being desecrated.

Dennis Kretzschmar explained, "I hope this is not a pattern for people to start doing because they'll have to fight with this Post, we'll take care of that by replacing flags that are disgraced every time".

Mr. Hampton is now offering a $1,000 reward for information on the vandals.