Annual Walk brings Hope to crime victims

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PARIS, Tex. (KXII) -- "I think now that we've done this for so many years and I think people are, 'Oh, the Walk of Hope! I'm going to be there!' So that's the kind of response we've got, it's been great," said Jane Adams, event coordinator and victim's advocate for the Lamar county attorney's office.

The fourth annual Walk of Hope brought those touched by crime together in solidarity.

"Not only me but my family and friends are victims of crime."

Mike Sims walked in memory of his wife Annie, who was murdered in Powderly four years ago.

"The support I have from my family, friends, my church, the Lord Jesus Christ has been able for me to make it through," said Sims.

He says every day since he lost his wife has not been easy.

"There have been lots of dark days, sad days, lonely days. But coming together and being supported by all these people helped tremendously," said Sims.

But he is finding hope in community and his faith.

"We're doing much better and all these people have come together to give us hope and to give us a brighter day," said Sims.

Now he can stand beside other victims and offer his support.

"You don't have to worry about what to say, just, if you know someone who's a victim of crime, sometimes just a touch, just an arm around the shoulder is enough," said Sims.