4th Bennington dog attack victim comes forward

Published: Oct. 3, 2019 at 6:21 PM CDT
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A fourth person has come forward saying they were also attacked by the same dogs that killed a Bennington man over the weekend.

Jojo Robbins was attacked a little over a year ago while he was working at Michael Wright's house.

Robbins says Wright knew the dogs were dangerous but didn't do anything about them until it was too late.

"I hate to see the boy go to the pen for a long time over this incident but something does need to be happening," said Robbins.

Robbins dates Wrights' sister and says he was repairing a dryer at Wright's house when he was bitten in the leg by one of the dogs.

"I was holding it down, keeping it from biting me. It and another dog, there was another dog was coming at me too. I held them down, I ain't gonna let a dog hurt me," said Robbins.

Robbins is one of three people who claim they were attacked by Wright's pitbulls before the dogs killed a man over the weekend.

Bennington police say a month ago, a young girl was attacked outside the fire station in town.

Last Thursday, a teenage boy was bitten on his leg walking home from school.

Saturday, two pitbulls and one mutt mix mauled and killed 56-year-old Bruce Allen on Wright's property.

"It's sad it happened. I knew him, he was my neighbor. Now his wife ain't got a husband," said Robbins.

And then Wednesday, police say the dogs got loose again.

"He lets the dog get that far from the road. The dogs should be put down," Robbins said.

Wright told News 12 on Wednesday one of his dogs took off in the morning when he let it out to go to the bathroom.

Police tracked it down about an hour later and returned it, along with a ticket to Wright for allowing an animal to run at large.

The dogs are being held at Wright's home in Bennington.

"Instead of having a kid out there running the streets like that, that's the same thing. That dog is your kid. You need to take care of your animal. If you can't take care of your animal, you got a problem because you can't take care of your kid either," said Robbins.

Bennington Police Chief James Heil shot and killed one of those dogs after the deadly attack.

As for the other two, he says the town does have a leash law but they don't financial resources to confiscate the killer dogs.

Heil says he plans to submit a case to the District Attorney for manslaughter charges against Wright.

However, a representative from District Attorney Emily Redman's office says they haven't seen that paperwork yet.