Antique bathtub that went missing has been returned to its Denison owners

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DENISON, Tex. (KXII) - Since last Monday, Kirsten and Tom Solomon say they have been on the phone with several leads on where their missing antique bathtub may have been, but Monday morning they got the final call, and found what they were looking for.

"I got out of the dog house this morning!" said Tom Solomon.

The Solomon's left the tub outside their Denison Main Street home last week...because they were restoring it.

But someone took it before they were finished.

The couple got a call from Denison Police Monday morning though, that their tub had been found unharmed, and in town.

"Prayers have been answered, its a Merry Christmas, and good work by the Denison Police," said Tom Solomon.

The Solomon's bought the tub from My Friends House boutique, and say it already had value to them because it was inside the store when October's Main Street fire took out buildings just next door.

"It was a survivor of the fire," said Kirsten Solomon.

On top of that, Kirsten says the tub's retail price is $900, and cost them over $400 more to re-glaze and clean the 100-year-old antique.

"But the fact that it was 4', which usually the 4' were in hotels, smaller apartments, road houses, it was more unusual. It was more of a rare one," said Kirsten Solomon.

Denison Police say they found the tub at a man's home by following up on leads.

No arrests have been made, and this is still an ongoing investigation.

As for the tub, Tom says he learned his lesson about leaving it outside.

"No, she won't be here this evening," said Tom Solomon, laughing.

The Solomon's say they will have that tub on display inside their business, once they open in the Spring.