Antlers Fire Department donates to Harvey victims

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ANTLERS, Okla. (KXII) -- The Antlers Fire-EMS Department is the latest to lend a helping hand to those in need after Harvey.

"We've always tried to help on incidents like these and had some folks talking about it, wanting to donate," Antlers Fire Chief Delbert Gay said. "So we decided we would gather up what we could down there."

Earlier in the month, the department asked the community for donations to send to victims of Harvey.

Gay contacted numerous organizations around the area to see what was needed.

"In the area there in Orange, it was heavily flooded," Gay said. "The church there was asking for clothes so we took clothes over there."

Not only clothes, but canned food and teddy bears were among items collected.

Two weeks ago, Gay and his wife took their 14 foot cargo trailer full of donated items and went to areas in Louisiana and Orange, Texas to drop off the items to shelters.

But one couple at a stop in Orange waiting for a bus moved Gay and his wife to help them.

"So my wife, she took them a blanket and give the girl a pair of shoes and some snacks and stuff," Chief Gay said. "They were definitely cold and needed stuff so we took out stuff and gave it to them."

A small community giving back to another small community in need, but Gay sees it as all part of the job.

"Well and our job as a fire service, helping people in the EMS," Gay said. "That's what we've always done and I like to think that if we needed help, someone is going to come help us so, maybe we're paying it forward."

Gay told me that giving back to communities in need is what the people of Antlers have always done.